Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Review Bone Saddle - Fits Taylorreg Guitars - Compensated. Radius - 15quot.

A yesterday. I'm looking for information on the Bone Saddle - Fits Taylorreg Guitars - Compensated. Radius - 15quot., so i have to tell.

Bone Saddle - Fits Taylorreg Guitars -

This acoustic guitar bone saddle will fit many Taylor Guitars as a replacement or upgrade. The saddle is compensated for improved intonation and with the radius set at 15" to match Taylor fretboards and improve playability. Dimensions - Length 2.8 inches. Thickness .120 inches. Height .35 inches. Please call 1-800-849-3305 for information on which saddle fits your guitar.. Read more or Check Price

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Just had my 16 years Taylor 810 restored to factory specifications by technicians Taylor. Returning from decent sound but with a saddle made of plastic by Charles S. Woehler

This saddle could not fit any better on my Taylor. As he lowered the action a bit ' which I wanted and produces a superior sound . by Customer


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